Our Mission

SoCal plans on making its urban harvesting program easy on the Fruit Growers as well as the fruit purchasers. The concept behind our service is the abundance of fruit being grown by private citizens that are unable to fully harvest or use all their delicious and nutritious fruits. Some of our likely fruit grower participants will be seniors, people with disabilities, and others with approximately 200 pounds of fruit that is being grown. By focusing on those groups, we will be able to assist in keeping gardening costs down, and providing an additional form of income to them throughout the year. Our goal is to market our harvesting services to these people to maximize our community impact and benefit.

Once we have harvested the fruit, we plan on selling those fruits to local grocers, through our own Fruit Chests of mixed fruits that are delivered directly to our customers’ homes, at farmers markets, fruit juicers, bakeries, and anyone else who is in need of fresh locally grown fruits. With some of the fruits that we harvest, we will also research the possibility of creating our own products, such as our own fruit juices and jams.  We also, plan on donating a portion of our harvest to local charities, and food banks in order to increase access to fresh, healthy and locally grown food for people in need.

Share The Fruit

Do you have surplus fruit that falls off your backyard trees? Would you like to have us come and harvest it for free and eliminate the waste? You can be apart of making a difference by sharing this fruit with others. Contact us to make an appointment for our harvesters to come by. We will have you sign a contract which also can be submitted for a tax donation.

SoCal – Grower Agreement

Are you a fruit grower with surplus fruit you cannot afford to have picked? Or maybe healthy fruit that is a bit misshapen? Contact us and our harvesters will come and help you share your fruit instead of letting it go to waste.

SoCal – Grower Agreement

Looking to participate in your local area on giving back? Come volunteer with us as a harvester. You’ll join others to harvest fruit in local backyards.

Volunteer Harvester Form Download