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Reducing Fruit Waste And Feeding People

Don't let your fruit go to waste or become a mess! We harvest backyard fruit and surplus orchard grower's fruit and distribute it through farmer's markets, grocery stores, and home delivery home chests.


I am a local grower. It costs me time and money to harvest the fruit. With market fluctuation of fruit prices I sometimes don't have the money to...

Gary Goldman -

I am always looking at ways to help better my community. When I heard about So-Cal Harvest and their volunteer opportunity I thought that this is...

Carlos Patios -

I am 80 years old and have mature orange and lemon trees in my backyard. I never eat much of the fruit. In the past it would rot and smell and at...

Sarah Marks -

Frequently Asked Questions

We have staff and volunteers that will come to your house with picking equipment to pick the surplus fruit from your trees. You can call us to schedule an appointment. We have a contract for you to sign for your submission to tax donations.

Call us to contact us for the volunteer packet!

The Company plans on “paying it forward,” through the donation of a portion of the fruit that we harvest to local charities, food banks and others in the community. We believe that by donating a portion of fruit we harvest to people in need, that we will not only be building good will for our Company but also strengthening our community bonds and making the communities in which we work stronger. Aside from local charities and food banks, we plan on reaching out to community centers, shelters, and other local places of need.

Once we have harvested the fruit, we plan on selling those fruits to local grocers, through our own Fruit Chests of mixed fruits that are delivered directly to our customers’ homes, at farmers markets, fruit juicers, bakeries, and anyone else who is in need of fresh locally grown fruits. With some of the fruits that we harvest, we will also research the possibility of creating our own products, such as our own fruit juices and jams.  We also, plan on donating a portion of our harvest to local charities, and food banks in order to increase access to fresh, healthy and locally grown food for people in need.

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